Mountain View Tennis offers programs for all ages and levels of play. With years of coaching experience at all levels of the game, our coaches are second to none. We offer a clear “Junior Development Pathway Program” designed to properly progress junior tennis players from one level to the next. With Fundamentals at the forefront of our program, our progressive teaching model and games-based approach (Play to Learn), is dynamic, exciting, and FUN!!.

In addition to our on-court teaching, MVT recognizes the importance of sports as a vehicle to teach invaluable life skills.

The Winter I Session begins Saturday, January 5.

Rallyball Programs (5-10 yrs)

  1. Pre-Rallyball (5-7 yrs)
  2. Rallyball 1 (7-10 yrs)
  3. Rallyball 2 (7-10 yrs)
  4. Rallyball 3 (7-10 yrs)
  5. Holiday Rallyball Camps (Dec 26 - Jan 4)
  6. Winter Rallyball Camps (Feb 18 - Feb 22)
  7. Red Ball Tournament (Feb 16)
  8. Orange Ball Tournament (Feb 16)

MVT Specialty (11-18 yrs)

  1. Pre-Circuit (11-15 yrs)
  2. Pre-Circuit Club (11-15 yrs)
  3. Circuit 1 (11-15 yrs)
  4. Circuit 2 (11-15 yrs)


Use the guidelines below to enroll in your first Mountain View Tennis class:

  • If you are 5-7 years old, register for Pre-Rallyball.
  • If you are 8-10 years old, register for Rallyball 1.
  • If you are at least 11 years old, register for Pre-Circuit.
  • Regardless of your past experience, you must follow the age guidelines above so that our instructors can properly evaluate your skill level.

All classes are taught by USPTA/PTR Certified Professionals.


Please review our refund policy.

We accept late online registrations up through the 3rd class session. After the 3rd class session, please email with your class request.