Resident Benefits

Everyone Plays

All local players receive discounts as residents of the city of Mountain View, but our commitment to making tennis accessible to the local community extends much further.

Tennis is a unique sport that offers participants a lifelong physical, mental, and social outlet. Our goal is 100% accessibility, or Everyone Plays. If you or your family requires assistance beyond the universal resident discount, please reach out, answer a few qualifying, income-based questions, and we will personalize an Everyone Plays Discount to fit your needs.

6 Locations in Mountain View

Cuesta Tennis Center
  • Address:
    685 Cuesta Drive
  • Features:
    12 Lighted Courts, Proshop
Rengstorff Park
  • Address:
    201 Rengstorff Park
  • Features:
    8 lighted Courts
Whisman Park
  • Address:
    310 Easy Street
  • Features:
    4 Courts
Cooper Park
  • Address:
    500 Chesley Avenue
  • Features:
    4 Courts
Sylvan Park
  • Address:
    550 Sylvan Avenue
  • Features:
    4 Courts
Stevenson Park
  • Address:
    750 San Pierre Way
  • Features:
    3 Courts

Flex  vs  Session (Standard)

MVT offers two types of billing. Traditional enrollment is good for making a long-term commitment to a weekly day and class time, but high-frequency attendance and pay as you go mobile registration are only available with Flex.


Most products with Flex billing allow you to purchase one day's class a la carte. Pay as you go or buy a discounted pass.

The traditional session model does not allow drop-in. Customers must purchase a series of predetermined class dates.

Price Options?

Flex products support pay as you go drop-in and multiple discounted passes for higher-frequency attendance.

The traditional session offers only one price option per class that must be paid in advance.

High Frequency?

Flex gives you the power to attend multiple classes per week on your schedule. One flex pass can be used to attend a class whenever it's offered.

Most classes running on the traditional session, with a few exceptions, are scheduled just one day per week.

To attend multiple days of a class level per week, you must purchase each class offering seperately.


With Flex, change your mind up to three hours before a class start, or join a full class's waitlist. If anyone cancels, you'll receive a notification to join.

A class session is a longer-term commitment to a series of classes. Once your class is "in-session", cancellations and refunds are not accepted.

Long-Term Reservation?

Flex billing is lower commitment, so registering for a class days more than 30 days in advance isn't possible.

Purchasing a class session guarantees your weekly place in class at a specific time and day for the duration of the session, which typically ranges from 1-3 months.


FlexCircuit (Circuit 2-3),
FlexFit (All Fitness)

Rally 1-3,
Circuit 1,
Adult 1-4

Cancellation Policy

MVT does not offer cash or credit card refunds with some limited exceptions. Mindbody account credit, which can be used on all MVT goods and services, is the standard refund method. In the case of an unusual event (moving away, long-term injury) a direct credit card refund can be issued for a $15 processing fee.

Before session start date:

  • Full account credit

After session start date:

  • Full account credit for (1) MVT issued weather cancellations or 2) Customer medical emergencies (such as a Covid-19 positive test)
  • No account credit or makeups for any other reason