Every family member needs a personal account.

Create a new Mountain View tennis account before your first practice. You'll have the chance to "Create a Profile" during checkout. It's important for every family member to have a personal online account with a unique user email.

How to create multiple accounts

Use one password for everyone.

Having the same password for multiple user profiles in the family is allowed and will make life easier.

Example: using one password

Log in, Log Out.

When signing up for classes, log in to the account for each family member separately and log out when booking is complete.

Register First

Create a Mindbody Profile before booking your first court. See the 3-step "Getting Started" Guide.

8-day Booking

Mountain View residents may make court reservations at Cuesta up to 8 days in advance. Online reservations must be made no later than the day before the scheduled time .

Two Hour Limit

Court Booking is limited to a maximum of 2 hours of court time in a given day (e.g. 2 courts for 1 hour or 1 court for 2 hours).

Go to Pro shop, Check-in

After reserving a court online you must check in at the Pro Shop to confirm your court (court assignments are subject to change).

Need help? See FAQ