Frequently Asked Questions

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Money may be loaded or credited to an account by MVT staff for two primary reasons: a customer request or a . This credit can then be used toward a future purchase.

There are two ways to use credit that has been loaded into your account:

  1. Download the Mountain View Tennis app (iOS | Android) and make in-app purchases.
  2. E-mail to have us register for you, using the credit in your account.

Mountain View residents are eligible for benefits that include a free court walk-on privilege, reduced reservation fees, and discounted class prices. To receive the discount:

  1. First, create a Mountain View Tennis account. If there are multiple MVT customers in your household, create a personal account for each.
  2. After creating your new account(s), visit the Cuesta Park Proshop and confirm residency with an ID or utility bill. Staff members will attach a resident badge to your family member accounts.
  3. Register for a class online and receive a resident discount automatically.

We recommend that you visit the proshop to show proof of residency instead of sending email. This is so that privacy and security can be maintained.

If it is urgent, please send an email to and proshop staff will assist you in obtaining your residency badge.

You can still request a retroactive discount (account credit) by emailing MVT.

Because individual information such as age, credit, and qualified levels are kept in the profile for each account, for enrolling in classes.

You can use your own address to create a unique username for your child using the “+” sign (gmail and most email providers support aliases). All notifications addressed to the child's alias will be sent to the parent's mailbox.

Parent email:
Child email:
See the Getting Started guide at the top of every class page.

If you are sure you won't personally use MVT services, you can setup your child’s account with your personal email.

If you’re unable to complete your class registration, there are a few common issues:

  • The provided email has already been used in another account.
    Make sure every account you create has a .
    (See our class page for creating multiple family accounts based on a parent email)
  • The class may have an age restriction.
    (Currently, you must be at least 16 years old to register for an adult class. For junior classes, do not register a child with your adult account. Children must be registered with their own personal accounts.)
  • The class may have a prerequisite requirement.
    (i.e. Rally 3, Circuit 1, Adult 3, and Adult 4 levels all have required prerequisites)
  • Some billing information was left incomplete. Re-enter your information and try again.

You will need to click a class sign-up button and log-in to your account to see the price, but you won’t be charged until you complete the check out.

For New Students, there are three options:

  • Check our website class descriptions and look for an entry point (no prerequisites) to join immediately. Requesting an in-class evaluation to move up a level(s) is easy
  • Schedule a paid appointment for a level test with a pro for $25.
  • Send in comprehensive video of the student for evaluation.

For Current Students:

  • Request an in-class level check (evaluation) from your current instructor.

Before session start date:

  • Full account credit.

After session start date:

  • Full account credit for (1) MVT issued weather cancellations or (2) Customer medical emergencies (such as a Covid-19 positive test).
  • No account credit or makeups for any other reason.

MVT does not offer cash or credit card refunds with some limited exceptions. Mindbody account credit, which can be used on all MVT goods and services, is the standard refund method. In the case of an unusual event (moving away, long-term injury) a direct credit card refund can be issued for a $15 processing fee.

In the event of rain or bad weather:

  • MVT will send a cancellation email up to 1 hour before the start of class.
  • You should assume class is on unless you hear from us otherwise.

The first class transfer is free. The second class transfer will be a $15 charge.

Please send an email to to determine if there is enough space in a class.

In your account profile, click “yes” in the contact info “opt in”. If you clicked “opt in” and you still do not see your notifications, check your spam or junk mail folders.

The customer service team will respond to emails sent to within 24 hours, if not sooner. If you do not see a reply email from MVT, make sure to check your junk and spam folder.

For any faster response, call Cuesta Pro Shop to get help: 650-967-5955.

MVT has multiple instructors for each pathway level. Instructor schedules are subject to change, but we try to maintain consistent class schedules for our instructors. If you have a particular instructor in mind, email

Our standard ratio is 6:1.

We also offer 4:1 ratio classes for players looking for a more personalized experience.

To reserve a private lesson:

  • Email proshop staff directly at with your name, age, experience, and availability or
  • Email a specific coach to inquire about availability.

Before you attend your first lesson, make sure to create an account for the student so that the coach can reserve a court under the student’s name.

MVT operates six public court facilities in Mountain View.


Tennis is a unique sport that offers participants a lifelong physical, mental, and social outlet.Our goal is 100% accessibility, or Everyone Plays. If you or your family requires assistance beyond the universal resident discount, please reach out, answer a few qualifying, income-based questions, and we will personalize an Everyone Plays Discount to fit your needs.

The number of classes for each session varies. It can be 5-8 classes. You can determine the number by checking the start and end dates for the session. Usually the session will have one class per week.

Yes. Bring your racket to our proshop to have it restrung with or without your own string. Turnaround time is one week on Saturdays (drop off & pick up).

To view credit on your account you will need to download our Branded App from the iOS app store or Google Play.

Go to your “Profile” and from there click on “Wallet” to view your account balance. Viewing your account balance from our Branded Website is unavailable at this time.

Currently, due to our Covid-19 policy we are not allowing large groups of parents to stay on site and view classes. The unintended consequence of this policy has been more focused and independent students. Just drop and go!

Each class has specific requirements to move from level to level. Players need to master the 5 tactical controls (side to side, short and deep, high and low, spin, & speed) and the technical skills that go with them to move up levels. Typically, players go through 3 levels of competencies before moving into a new class.

  1. a.  Level 1 is just learning the skill & tactic.

  2. b.  Level 2 is getting lots of repetitions.

  3. 3  Level 3 is mastering the skills. automatically.
This can take 3 – 4 sessions or 12 - 18 months to graduate from level to level.

Excellent question. Yes & No. We do have a very strong framework that we operate all our programs under. We practice our core fundamentals (such as grips, posture, contact points) all the time. That said, every player and class is unique and we strive to push every player to their optimum level. So, each class we are working on (1) fundamentals, (2) application of those fundamentals, and (3) stretching the skills technically & tactically. So, the class will be similar but we are going to constantly stretch with better technique & tactics. (See level question #1 for more)

We know that program. They do a good job. Here at MVT we have a highly-developed philosophy and player pathway that we have developed over the last 15 years. We are students of the game and we update our curriculum every year. That said, our program isn’t for everybody. Although, everyone in our programs has beautiful games and we are doing really well in all the tournaments. One of our biggest concerns at MVT is the health of our athletes. An injured player may lose confidence and drop their ranking, or worse drop the sport altogether. We believe that Progression balls allow us to keep the ball in the players’ strike zone and develop sounder technical & tactical players. Players who play with yellow balls before they have sound technique risk injury and developing bad technical & tactical habits. The ITF has changed the rules internationally to support this model. There is a lot of research to back up our philosophy. And nearly every sport in the world scales the size of their sport to make it more fun, develop confidence in their players, and foster good mechanics. If you would like I can send you more information that supports our philosophy and model.