Session FlexPass

A Session FlexPass provides access to any of the class times offered during a class session for a specific level.

(1) Buy a Session FlexPass Membership for access to all of the classes offered within a class level. (2) Book your preferred class times for the 5-, 6-, or 7-week session.

  • Book any class within your level up to the start time.
  • Cancel for free up to 3 hours in advance.
  • No weekly limit for class booking.
  • Add 1 to buy additional classes. (Requires FlexPass Membership)
  • Passes activate on the first day and expire on the last day of the session.
  • No Rollover

You may book classes at any time, but we still encourage early class booking to lock-in your preferred schedule.

Enrollment Camp

An Enrollment Camp is a fixed series of classes that you register for in advance.

An enrollment works best for a shorter, immersive experience that is one week or less, such as consecutive days of camp.

  • Purchase as a package. Class days are sold as a series.
  • No cancellation of individual classes.
  • Register once for all class days. No booking.

Create one family account.

Parents are strongly encouraged to create a primary owner account for themselves before adding a junior player as a family member. This ensures a fully functional account on web and mobile.

  1. 1) First, create a parent profile with your email and age. Next, add your junior as a family member.
  2. 2) Next, add a family member and create a profile for your junior player.
  3. 3) Final step: make sure to add a payment method to your account so that the Front Desk can help you process purchases.

Session FlexPass - Features

(Features below do not apply to Session Enrollments, which are pre-booked at registration)

No Weekly Class Limit

Students are free to attend as many classes as are offered in their level per week. If a player uses up all of the visits on the original FlexPass, purchasing additional visits during the session with the Add 1 feature is encouraged.

Additional Visits with Add More

Once the class session begins, players will have access to an additional pricing option called an Add More by request to the Front Desk. This option is only available to players who've already purchased a full FlexPass for the curent session.

The Add More can be used to purchase any number of additional visits and is priced at a competitive per class rate that is equivalent to the tier of the original FlexPass purchase. Add 1 visits can be used at any time during the class session and expire on the final day just like FlexPass.

Book in Advance

A student may book classes as soon as the Session FlexPasses and class schedules are published for a corresponding session.

In addition, players are free to book any class up until its published start time. For more information about cancelling or waitlisting a class that's reached full capacity, see below.


Players may Early Cancel a booked class up to 3 hours before the class start time with no charge. Cancellation within 3 hours of class will result in the use of a class visit.


If a class is full, players may join the class waitlist. Players will be automatically booked and notified in their waitlist order. See more about setting your Scheduling Notifications.

If a class is full, please do not show up unbooked! However, unbooked students may still attend classes with availability and will be booked by coaches on-location.


Any junior student may buy FlexPasses and book classes using a Branded Web Account at

In addition to purchasing and booking classes, Branded Web offers the following features:

  • A 90-day view of all scheduled future visits.
  • Access to Notification Settings

MVT App for iOS

The MVT Branded App is recommended for any junior or adult player with iOS. Players can easily buy FlexPasses and book Session Flex classes, or register for Session Enrollments such as camps and class series.

Features include:

  • Access to Account/Rain Credit and credit card payments
  • Option to book reccuring Session Flex classes with 1-click.
  • View of up to 7 booked visits in the schedule.
  • *It is strongly recommended that Android users, with an emphasis on junior accounts, use the Mindbody App*

Mindbody App for Android

Android users, with a strong emphasis on junior accounts, should use the Mindbody App for Android to easily buy and book Session Flex classes, or register for Session Enrollments such as camps or class series.

Features include:

  • Credit Card Payments (Account Credit not available)
  • Easily favorite Mountain View Tennis and find your classes
  • 1-click class booking and cancellation.
  • A consistent experience for Android users.
  • *Adults who do not manage junior accounts may continue to use the MVT Branded App, which offers the feature to use Account/Rain credit*

Note to first time app users: activating your account in the Mindbody App will require a "Forgot Password" recovery step. Click "Forgot Password" at login and enter the same password you use for your web account during password recovery to link your web account to your mobile account.

Open "My Account"

Email and mobile notifications are essential for receiving important updates about your account, class schedule, and upcoming events, as well as level-specific email content.

To get started, navigate to My Account on any of the class pages.


Choose Text and Email Settings

There are three important types of notifications:

  1. Account notifications occur when you receive a purchase receipt, or when you change your account information such as updates to your email, password, address, billing, etc. (Recommended: Email)
  2. Schedule notifications occur when your schedule changes, such as booking or cancelling a class, waitlist updates, and weather cancellations. (Recommended: Text)
  3. News notifications occur when MVT sends content content to everyone in your level. These emails are very important for receiving reminders about your session progress. (Recommended: Email)

Save your Choices

After selecting your preferences for account, scheduling, and news notifications, make sure to save and exit.


Need help? See FAQ