Pre-Rally JumpStart

Flexible Summer Camps for entry level students. Age 5-6 yrs.

  • Prerequisite Skill(s):
    None. Age 5-6.
  • Summary:
    Players in Pre-rally will work on racquet skills and partner-based ball-tracking with a modified net.
    JumpStart FlexCamp features a shorter camp duration (1.5 hrs), Monday through Saturday availability from 9:00-10:30a, and two, 5-week sessions. Attend Monday through Friday for an immersive experience, or choose one, two, or three days per week like you would in MVT's year-round class program.
  • Level-up Skill(s):
    A mastery of the self-rally and the ability to work independently with a rally partner.

To get started, book your first class in the scheduler below. You'll be asked to login and then purchase a FlexPass to continue booking. To view your booked classes or your account information, click "My Account" in the top right of the scheduler.

If this is your first class at Mountain View Tennis, choose "Create Profile" at login.

FlexPass 5 (Basic)
  • Immersive: 5 days in a row (1 week)
  • Flex: Any 5 days in the session
  • 1 visit / week
FlexPass 10 (Standard)
  • Immersive: 5 days in a row (2 weeks)
  • Flex: Any 10 days in the session
  • 2 visits / week
FlexPass 15 (Plus)
  • Immersive: 5 days in a row (3 weeks)
  • Flex: Any 15 days in the session
  • 3 visits / week

  See the Getting Started Guide before you "Create a Profile". Every new account must begin with a unique email.

  MV Residents: Resident members receive a 5% discount when purchasing Pre-Rally JumpStart pricing options.